March 2023 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

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Last month we discussed Microsoft Spellcheck has decided to change the English language. This month I would like to discuss How to survive our new economy.

  1. There’s an Australian saying we hear on the media every day: “Gamble Responsibly” to which I usually add “Don’t bet at all!” Figure out how much you have spent betting in the last year. How much did you win? Was it worth that loss?
  2. Do you pay for things on your credit card that you know you can’t afford. Never buy anything if you can’t afford it. Pay off your credit card each month – no interest will be charged.
  3.  Don’t buy excess food you will have to throw out because it is beyond its use-by-date.
  4. Limit going to restaurants. Instead bring a lunch with you to work. Do the same for your children. Instead of taking the family out for dinner – have a BBQ.
  5. Stop paying a fortune for a cup of coffee – make your own.
  6. Look for bargains at the supermarket to make home meals.
  7. Plant a garden for vegetables.
  8. Turn off electrical outlets when you are not using them.
  9. Don’t waste water – shower only 3-4 minutes.
  10. Don’t waste hot water – use cold water in your washing machine and dishwasher.
  11. Stop hand washing dishes – use less water by using your dishwasher.
  12. Stop using a dryer – hang washing outside or in your garage.
  13. To keep cool take extra tepid showers.
  14. To keep your pets cool – wet a towel and wrap them in it, or rub the towel over their fur. Make sure extra drinking water is available – add ice cubes if water is warm.
  15. Fill up your car when petrol is in a low cycle.
  16. Walk more – don’t always take your vehicle.
  17. Compare car, home, and boat insurance costs. Don’t automatically buy the same kind of insurance you bought last year – shop around.
  18. Look around your home and see which items you don’t use any more. Have a garage sale to sell them. This includes clothing your children might have outgrown or items you have not used for a year or so.
  19. Find old jewellery and take to place where they buy old gold and silver.
  20. Compare your health care scheme every year to ensure you are receiving the best coverage at the price you can afford.
  21. Check your electricity supplier and compare their price to other suppliers.

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