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Last month we discussed Some of the things that have bugged me during 2022. This month I would like to discuss how Microsoft Spellcheck has decided to change the English language.

Should be:                                         Microsoft spellcheck says:

all right                                               alright

any more                                           anymore

back yard                                          backyard

back door                                          backdoor

back seat                                          backseat

couple of                                            couple

some place                                       someplace

every day                                          everyday

a while                                                awhile

horse show                                       horseshow

below ground                                   belowground

sea floor                                             seafloor

school children                               schoolchildren

lunch room                                        lunchroom

work flow                                           workflow

work day                                            workday

work station                                     workstation

USA words:                                       Australian/British words:

learned                                              learnt

while                                                   whilst

gas                                                      petrol

mom                                                    mum

baby                                                    bub

asphalt                                               bitumen

hood                                                    bonnet

trunk                                                   boot

windshield                                         windscreen

sweater                                             jumper

living room                                        lounge room

sofa                                                     lounge

bathing suit                                       cossies/togs

sun glasses                                      sunnies

posttraumatic                                  post-traumatic

pregnant                                           preggie

flashlight                                            torch

aggressive                                        agro

this afternoon                                  this arvo

quilt                                                     doona/duvet

recreational vehicle                      caravan

truck                                                   ute or lorrie

universities                                       uni

cell phone                                         mobile phone

tires                                                     tyres

you’re a hero                                    you’re a legend

Mcdonalds                                        Maccas

receipt                                               docket

sidewalk                                            pavement

racquetball                                       squash

horseback riding                            horse riding

cookie                                                biscuit

candy                                                 lolly/sweet

garbage                                             trash/rubbish

toque                                                  beanie

electrician                                        sparkie

spaghetti Bolognese                     spag bol

soldier                                                digger

uncultured person                         yobbo

cardigan                                            cardi

cup of                                                  cuppa

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