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Last month we discussed Roberta Cava’s book: Take Command of Your Future – Make things Happen!

Her newest book will be available in mid-October 2021
that’s entitled: COVID-19 400-600 Days Facts and Fun

This is the third in a series of books about the Covid-19 pandemic. One has to wonder how many sequels will have to be written until the virus is under control. There are now many types of vaccines, and some help an age group better than others. As more and more people get vaccinated, the ability to open up borders will increase.

However, there are still many Covidiots out there that are hampering this occurring. Until Australia for example, has 80% of the population vaccinated, the borders – both state-wide and internationally will remain closed. Australia can do this, because earlier they made it mandatory for all children to be fully vaccinated before they could be accepted into day-care, pre-school and kindergarten. This resulted in 95% of all children being vaccinated. There’s no reason why this can’t be applied to having the Covid vaccination. If people aren’t fully vaccinated, they would not receive a passport that allows them to enter places where people gather, such as sporting events, restaurants, and schools.

To this day, the Covidiots are still gathering in large numbers – no social distancing and no masks which of course passes on the virus to others who then infect even more people. One has to wonder when the Covidiots will become responsible and caring members of society?

Covered in this book are:

  • The facts
  • Statistics for 400-600 days
  • Vaccine Trials and Rollouts
  • US Government Action
  • Australia during the pandemic
  • Funny jokes
  • What’s in the future?

Roberta Cava has written 54 books – 46 are non-fiction and 8 are fiction. She lives on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

To order her books:

Go toamazon.com then click ‘Books’ and under ‘search’ put ‘Roberta Cava’ (which will bring up all of her books).

To contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to cavaconsulting@ozemail.com.au

Roberta has added the following information after witnessing a recent highway accident.

I keep seeing people drive far too close when following other vehicles
(tailgating). Most people don’t seem to know what a safe distance behind the car directly in front of their vehicle should be:

Time-lapse method:

You can use the time-lapse method to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front.

  1. Pick a mark on the road or an object close to the left-hand side of the road, such as a power or light pole.
  2. When the rear of the vehicle ahead passes the object, count ‘1 thousand 1, 1 thousand 2’ (this takes about 2 seconds).
  3. If the front of your vehicle passes the object before you finish counting, you are too close, so drop back.

Years ago, I was advised that for every additional 10km/hr one drives – one car length should be added to the distance between you and the car ahead. So, someone driving 100 km/hr should have 10 car lengths between them and the car ahead of them. I think you will find that far too many people tailgate, which causes most severe automotive crashes.