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Last month we discussed If you’ve always wanted to write a book This month we will concentrate on Roberta Cava’s book Take Command of Your Future – Make things Happen!

Are you just drifting through life spending one day after another just

plodding through life?

Have you forgotten how to channel your energy towards what YOU

want in life?

Do you allow outside forces to exercise direct authority and control over your life?

Do you exist, rather than live, and let situations or other people influence how and when your life progresses?

Do you just “go with the flow” or let others decide where your life

is heading?

Most people aren’t even aware of how they’re wasting their lives. They get in a rut and stay there or make feeble stabs at changing their lives. The least kind of opposition sends them scuttling back towards their safety net of sameness. These people hate getting up in the morning, because there’s not much that’s exciting or stimulating in their lives. One day is just like another and the future’s likely to be the same.

These people need a jolt to get them living again. Just as a heart-attack victim needs a jolt of electricity to get their hearts re-started, these people need a jolt of reality to put them back into the land of the living.

I wrote this book to help people see how important it is for them to take command of their future. It’s written for people who find the following feelings and ideas controlling their thoughts:

  • I can’t do anything to change my life.
    • Everybody else has more than I do!
    • If only… or I should have…
    • Depressed or feeling low nearly all the time, even consider suicide,
    • Feel that nothing is worth doing.

Do you show behaviours such as:

  • Being afraid to face the possibility of failure.
    • Being unwilling to share material possessions.
    • Repeatedly not being able to sleep.
    • Permanently tired and lethargic.
    • Find it hard to wake up in the morning – even after a good night’s sleep.
    • Worry excessively about everything and are very apprehensive of the future.
    • Afraid to make decisions whether they’re large or small.
    • Spending a lot of time imagining how matters could be – living in another world.
    • Worrying excessively about minor physical ailments.
    • Letting others make decisions for you – even small ones.
    • Being unable to do activities on your own.
    • Procrastinating and putting items off indefinitely.

Or do you use such expressions as:

  • “I’m not as smart as my brother.”
  • “Can’t I do anything right?”
  • “What a klutz I am – that’s three times I’ve done that wrong.”
  • “How dumb/stupid can I be?”
  • “I ought to know better.”
  • “Sometimes I wish I’d never had kids.”
  • “Why can’t I be more like      .”
  • “Leave me alone.”

Or is your anger shown in such ways as: 

  • Yelling at or blaming others.
  • Being quarrelsome – continually or repeatedly – for almost no reason at all.
  • Verbal abuse – sarcasm or ridicule.
  • Using physical violence.
  • Giving threats to others.
  • Indulging in temper tantrums, or angry outbursts beyond reason.
  • Giving others “the silent treatment” or withdrawing from them.
  • Denying or ignoring what’s really happening.
  • Vandalism or sabotage.
  • Alcoholism or drug abuse.

If any of the above feelings, thoughts or behaviours describe you or anyone you deal with, please read this book Take Command of Your Future – Make things Happen!

Roberta became a publisher in 1995 and since then has published well over 50 of her own books (see website). She has also published other people’s books. All books are available on Amazon Books world-wide.

To see her books: Go to ‘’ then click ‘Books’ and under ‘search’ put ‘Roberta Cava.’

To contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to