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This month we will discuss Roberta Cava’s three major pet peeves:

#1 – Donald Trump – need I say more! I have been following the trial regarding January 6th, 2020 attack and Donald Trump’s involvement. I now understand how cults are formed. Donald Trump had four years to brainwash his followers to believe that what he was doing was for their benefit and what he was saying was the truth – when in fact everything he did was for his own benefit and thus by February 1, 2021 (shortly after Biden became President) – US had a staggering 26,308,290 COVID-19 cases and 443,817 deaths.

Just before he was going to be charged with impeachment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she had spoken to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about preventing the ‘unhinged’ president from initiating military actions or a nuclear strike.

I fully believe that not only should Trump be convicted of impeachment – but that he should also be charged with treason because he incited radical American terrorists to overthrow the legally elected government on January 6, 2020

The definition of Treason in the United States is:

Treason: the crime of betraying one’s country. Constitutionally, citizens of the United States owe allegiance to at least two sovereigns. One is the United States, and the other is their state. They can therefore potentially commit treason against either, or against both.

Levying war means the assembly of armed people to overthrow the government or to resist its laws.

Any person convicted of treason against the United States will lose the right to hold public office in the United States.

His latest stunt shown on social media gives a mock-up showing Joe Biden tied up in the back of a truck and kidnapped. That is a serious threat to the president and should be treated accordingly. Trump is ‘inciting political violence.’ Earlier this month, while discussing the American auto industry, Trump said there would be a bloodbath if he did not win the presidential election in November.

#2 – Boxing. This is simply Neanderthal behaviour where two boxers try to knock their opponent so hard they pass out from concussion. When will society ban these terrible and cruel events. Please don’t call it a sport because there is nothing sporting about boxing.

In a recent twelve round world title boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vagas, Australian boxer, Tim Tszyu was covered in blood as was his opponent, Sebastian Fundora by the end of the match. Many sports are watching for head injuries and banning the players from playing until they are fully recovered. This doesn’t happen in boxing, where the main focus of the bout is to knock the other person out.

#3 – People who live beyond their means. I have always lived by the concept that if I can’t pay for an item – I don’t buy it. I pay off my credit cards every month. The only debts that make sense are mortgages and car loans. It’s the little things that add up and cause people to live beyond their means. Many people live from one paycheque to another, with nothing going into the bank for a ‘rainy day.’

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