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Last month we sent several items about Covid 19. This month we will discuss the release of two more joke books in the Belly Laughs for All – Adult Versions series.

To lighten the mood a bit for everyone during these trying times, we thought you might enjoy a little humour instead of the bleak outlook we constantly see on the media.

Belly Laughs for All! Adult Version – Volume 7

Paperback: 9780648781516

E-Book: 9780648781523

Belly Laughs for All! Adult Version – Volume 8

Paperback: 9780648781530

E-Book: 9780648781547

Just open this book whenever you feel a pick-me-up is needed or simply want a good laugh. The jokes are slanted towards open-minded adults and are not suitable for children. There are thirteen chapters in Volume 7 and eleven chapters in Volume 8 – each one discusses a humourous segment of society.

Belly Laughs for All! Is an absolute must for anyone who wants to lighten up and have some fun. If you enjoy these books, please be sure to look at Volumes 1-6 as well.

Roberta Cava lives on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia; is the author of 47 books – 41 non-fiction and 6 fiction books and is writing more.

To order her books:

Go to then click ‘Books’ and under ‘search’ put Roberta Cava (which will bring up all of her books).

To contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to

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