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Last month we
discussed Roberta
Cava’s first trivia book entitled Australian Trivia. This month we will discuss Covid

To lighten
the mood a bit for everyone during these trying times, we thought you might
enjoy a little humour instead of the bleak outlook we constantly see on the

Virus Jokes

  • Back in my day – the only time we started panic buying was when the bartender yelled ‘Last call!’
  • Sign on business premises says, ‘No cash or toilet paper kept on the premises at night.’
  • Two children to their grandpa, ‘Grandpa, tell us again about the great toilet paper famine of 2020.’
  • Woman to man, ‘You said you were sick.’ ‘No, I said I have a case of Corona.’
  • I did not survive shot-gunning pints of Jim Beam every weekend as a teenager, to get taken out by a virus named after a light beer!
  • What’s the difference between the Coronavirus and a 737MAX? The Coronavirus is airborne.
  • ‘Why are you wearing a surgical mask?’
  • ‘It’s not; it’s a coffee filter.’
  • At
    a bar a man says, ‘I’ll take a corona… hold the virus.’
  • One
    old man to another old man, ‘I don’t care how nice the hand soap smells… You
    should never walk out of the restroom sniffing your fingers.’
  • Tabasco
    hand sanitizer. Not only does it kill germs, but it also prevents you from
    sticking your fingers near your nose eyes or mouth.


I went to the bathroom
at a restaurant during the Corona Virus outbreak. I wanted to make sure I did
everything right. I washed my hands; opened the door with my elbow; raised the
toilet seat with my foot; switched on the water faucet with a tissue. Then I opened
the bathroom door to leave with my elbow. And when I returned to my table, I
realized… I had forgotten to pull up my pants!!

Cava has written 45 books – 39 are non-fiction and 6 are fiction. She has
released 6 different joke books and is presently writing two more.

order her books:

amazon.com then click ‘Books’ and under
‘search’ put
Roberta Cava (which will bring up all of her

contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to cavaconsulting@ozemail.com.au

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