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See our new website www.dealingwithdifficultpeople.info that was prepared by Gold Coast Websites. I’m very pleased with the excellent job they did for me. Their customer service was outstanding. You can contact them by going to their website: www.goldcoastwebsites.com.au.

Last month we discussed Roberta Cava’s English language books. This month we will discuss her autobiography entitled:


This book is very graphic and tells about my life, with no hiding of the truth. It is an autobiography of my life that begins when, at the age of 32, I became a single parent with three children to support. With only a high school education and not being allowed to work during my thirteen years of marriage, I knew it would be difficult to support my children. Unfortunately, I had not prepared myself for the financial, legal and emotional roller-coaster I would face. I would climb one hill, only to fall off and need to start at the bottom again.

Fortunately, I obtained career counselling and set two career goals. The first was to become head of Human Resources which I expected to take fifteen years. It took six. The second goal was to have my own company which I expected to take twenty years. This took eight years.

Who would have thought that one day clients would pay enormous fees for me to present my seminars, fly me first or business class around the world, pick me up at the airport in limousines, have me stay in first class hotels, pay for my meals and all other travelling expenses?

I am the owner of Cava Consulting in Queensland, Australia. I have written 42 books – 36 are non-fiction or self-help books and 6 fiction books. Living on the Gold Coast of Queensland is like living in paradise. I am busy writing two more joke books as well as a Trivia book.

To order:

Go to amazon.com then click ‘Books’ and under ‘search’ put Roberta Cava (which will bring up all of my books).

To contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to cavaconsulting@ozemail.com.au

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