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November 2019 Dealing with Difficult People Newsletter

Last month we discussed Roberta Cava’s book: Customer Service that Works. This month we will discuss Roberta’s book:


Empowering a group to work honestly and affably with one another

Paperback ISBN: 9780648540816

E-Book ISBN: 9780648540823

This book is focused towards those who must work in harmony with others and to be in “sync” with others. Easier said than done! We’ll discuss many ways you (the Team Leader) can make that happen.

You will learn about teamwork, leadership, delegation, motivation, productive meetings, managing time, implementing change and communication skills.

You will also learn more about your behaviour and that of others.

Are you a workaholic? Or is one of your team a workaholic?

Roberta Cava is the owner of Cava Consulting in Queensland, Australia and is the author of 42 books and will be writing more.

To order: Go to, then click ‘Books’ and under ‘search’ put either Roberta Cava (which will bring up all of her books) or give the ISBN# for this book.

To contact Roberta Cava or Cava Consulting, please send an e-mail to

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