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What Am I Going to Do with The Rest Of My Life

What Am I Going to Do with The Rest Of My Life

What Am I Going to Do with The Rest Of My Life

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Is this you?

Facing dismissal or company downsizing?

Being forced into early retirement?

Hate your job?  Want a career change?

Then this book is a MUST read!

Readers learn how to cope with the above situations.  They'll also learn how to:

  • Determine their transferable skills;
  • Where those skills could be used in other kinds of employment;
  • Where to obtain career counselling;
  • How to handle a second career;
  • What to do if they've plateaued;
  • How to:
    • Write resumes;
    • Obtain their dream job;
    • Handle employment interviews and illegal interview questions;
    • Obtain the salary they're worth; and
    • Set concrete goals.
Readers learn how to motivate themselves into action so they can gain what they want from life; remove negative tapes that are holding them back; handle criticism and become positive-thinking individuals.  Risk-taking will be less threatening after they learn how to remove negative tapes;  handle their fears - fear of failure, of success, of obtaining disapproval from others, of being locked-into a career they don't want, of independence, of making decisions, and of saying "No."

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