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Easy Come - Hard to Go

Easy Come - Hard to Go

Easy Come - Hard to Go

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This book is for anyone who needs to hire, discipline and/or fire employees.

When I first started presenting my Survival Skills for Supervisors and Managers seminars, I found that the most difficult situations my participants seemed to face were hiring, disciplining and firing employees. I later put together several Human Resource-related seminars that would fill that gap. In those sessions supervisors learn how to write proper position descriptions (which are horribly written in most Australian companies. Most companies use only a simple paragraph to describe what their employees do).

An accurate up-to-date position description is essential before the company begins the recruitment process. Later these position descriptions will be used during performance appraisals to evaluate how well the employees meet the requirements of the position. During the recruitment process many supervisors have difficulty choosing the best candidate for the job. Many ask illegal questions while conducting the interview and leave themselves open to being sued if the employee is not hired for the job.

Then after the employee is hired, supervisors face the problem of disciplining their staff for productivity and/or behaviour problems. Most don’t know how to deal with these issues. Some look the other way and say nothing hoping the situation will resolve itself. Others discipline in a way that results in retaliation from the employee being disciplined.

When employees don’t improve their productivity or behaviour, the supervisor must put written warnings on their files. Most supervisors do a very poor job of documentation of disciplinary matters. If they’re forced to fire the employee, and the documentation isn’t thorough enough, in most cases, the fired employee could successfully charge the company with wrongful dismissal.

After putting the seminars together, I realised that there was a need for this book. It shows how to hire, discipline and fire employees without getting your company into court battles.

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