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Belly Laughs for All - Volume 3

Belly Laughs for All - Volume 3

Belly Laughs for All - Volume 3

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Everyone loves humour and having a good laugh. Just open this audio book whenever you feel a pick-me-up is needed or simply want a good laugh. The jokes are slanted at open-minded adults and are not suitable for children. There are thirteen chapters in the book – each one discussing humourous things about a segment of society.

Chapter 1 - Animals;

Chapter 2 - Food;

Chapter 3 - Religious;

Chapter 4 - At Work;

Chapter 5 - Genie;

Chapter 6 - Is that right?

Chapter 7 - Miscellaneous;

Chapter 8 - History;

Chapter 9 - Letters;

Chapter 10 - Bar;

Chapter 11 - High Technology;

Chapter 12 - Rules for Living;

Chapter 13 - On the Serious Side;

Belly Laughs for All! - Volumes 1 to 4 are an absolute must for anyone who wants to lighten up and have some fun.

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