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Do you find you have too few hours in the day?' Are you always rushed?' Is your stress level off the scale?' If so Time: Today's Silent Killer is the session for you!

If you don't manage your time properly, your stress level goes up, so start with time management.' Develop techniques that gave you maximum benefit from the minimum investment of time.' Learn that cutting corners, is not cheating - but rather good management of your time.' Compare how you use your time to how you really want to spend your time, and become energised and able to accomplish much more than you have in the past.

Learn secrets on how to cope with the constant time pressures of everyday living at home and at work. You will learn:

  • How to live a longer, fuller life.
  • Time Management at work;
  • Time Management at home;
  • Choosing Priorities;
  • Procrastination;
  • The Importance of setting lifetime goals;
  • The fear of failure and the fear of success syndrome;
  • Workaholism and burnout.

Time: Today's Silent Killer series of seminars is an absolute must for anyone who needs to improve their time management skills.


In 1982, Roberta Cava opened her first international training and development office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, her second in Maui, Hawaii, USA in 1986, and her third in Queensland, Australia in 1998 when she emigrated to Australia.

To learn more about what you can do to handle the stressors in your life, be sure to look at Roberta's book: Time& Stress - Today's Silent Killer.  Why not try reading a sample chapter?

Steps to take when making a purchase:

  1. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to view the presentation.  Even though most sessions are from 25 to 26 minutes, you may wish to pause or go back to earlier slides.  You may also like to take notes along the way, so one session might take you from one to three hours, depending on how long you wish to take.
  2. Choose the session you wish to take.
  3. Follow the prompts for payment.
  4. Download and print out the seminar notes so you can add your own comments as you proceed through the session.
  5. Click on the free bonus chapter from one of Roberta Cava's books about 'Time and Stress - Today's Silent Killers'

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