Are you trying to decide what kind of job you want?

Do you wonder how you should act during an employment interview?

Do you wonder why some applicants are rejected?

Who would you use as a reference if you have never held a job?

This 18 Part seminar is geared towards high school and college students that was preented to the students of A.B. Patterson College on the Gold Coast. Viewers will be able to:

  • Identify the 6 steps to take before attending a job interview.
  • List 7 major qualities employers are looking for in their staff.
  • Explain how important your appearance is – not only on interviews – but on the job as well.
  • Describe the words “dress code” as it relates to employment.
  • Define 26 reasons why aplicants may be rejected.
  • Relate who employers would speak to for references if you’ve never held a job before.
  • State how long it takes a potential employer to decide whether they will hire you or not.
  • Determine your transferrable skills.
  • Describe the kind of job you would like to have.
  • Give 3 reasons why it’s important to set career goals early in life.
  • Identify your “Dream Job.”
  • Relate the 8 steps used in the Goal Setting Plan.
  • Express the meaning of Driving and Restraining forces.
  • Explain the brainstorming process.
  • Identify 16 ways to tell a winner from a loser

Learn about these topics by obtaining Roberta Cava’s 2 hour seminar involving high school  students  entitled:

Obtaining and Keeping a Job! ($50.00) for Parts 1 – 18 {module_productlistdump,151005}


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