With Roberta Cava - author of the books;

Dealing with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse;

Dealing with School Bullying;

Dealing with Workplace Bullying


Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?

What do you do to help children who are being abused?

How can you get your school to implement a zero-tolerance School Bullying Policy?

Are you a victim of Workplace Bullying?

If so, this series of seminars will enable you to understand why bullies do what they do and how to counter-act their violent actions. There are eleven seminars in this series that are the result of two and a half years research by Roberta Cava, the presenter of the seminars.

Learn about domestic violence, what it is, what causes it, why it happens, why people stay in abusive relationships, and how hard it is to get out of a domestic violence cycle.

Learn about child abuse, how they are abused, how they react, and what you can do to help them.

Learn about workplace bullying that is rampant in most corporations; how to implement an effective zero-tolerance anti-bullying policy; how to stop harassment and sexual harassment; how to implement an effective sexual harassment policy and how to stop the aggression that is pervasive in our corporate world.

You will learn what needs to be done to stop domestic violence and child abuse, school and workplace bullying. Knowing techniques that work for dealing with bullies can boost your confidence, improve your competence, reduce stress and anxiety and increase your enthusiasm for life.

Steps to take when making a purchase:

  1. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to view the presentation. Even though most sessions are from 25+ minutes, you may wish to pause or go back to earlier slides. You may also like to take notes along the way, so one session might take you from one to three hours, depending on how long you wish to take.
  2. Choose the session you wish to take.
  3. Follow the prompts for payment.
  4. Download and print out the seminar notes so you can add your own comments as you proceed through the session.
  5. Click on the free bonus chapter from one of Roberta Cavas books about Dealing with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse; Dealing with School Bullying; or Dealing with Workplace Bullying.

Choose one or all of the following sessions that cost only $20.00 per session. Buy two of Workplace Bullying or Child Abuse for $35; or

Buy three of the Domestic Violence or School Bullying for $45:

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