With Roberta Cava - author of the eBook:
Before Tying the Knot – Questions Couples Must Ask Each Other Before they Marry!


This pre-marital workbook is for couples that don’t necessarily have a strong religious affiliation, or do not have access to pre-marital counselling. It is an aide to enhance a couple’s knowledge of how each partner thinks and believes about a myriad of every-day preferences. So neither partner will be influenced by the others answers, there are two sets of 200 questions. Topics in this book also include:

  • Bride and Groom’s “To Do” lists.
  • Tips for choosing the perfect wedding gown.
  • Wedding budget check-list.
  • Wedding toasts.
  • Marriage Contracts.
  • Pre-Nuptial agreements.
  • Cohabitation Agreements.

This book is a must for every couple contemplating marriage (or those thinking about living together).

In 1982, Roberta Cava opened her first international training and development office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, her second in Maui, Hawaii, USA in 1986, and her third in Queensland, Australia in 1998 when she emigrated to Australia.

To learn more about the questions couples must ask each other before they marry, be sure to look at Roberta’s book: Before Tying the Knot – Questions couples Must ask each other Before they Marry! Why not try reading a sample chapter?

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