With Roberta Cava - author of the book:
How Women Can Advance in Business!


This series of seminars is geared towards women who are frustrated in their attempts to climb the corporate ladder or who have hit a dead end in a pink-collar position. (A pink-collar position is any support position with low pay and few company benefits).

The sessions offer detailed, proven strategies for dealing with those situations. Over 700 managers were interviewed to establish why they weren't promoting women - you'll be surprised at the findings. It shows women have control over many of the reasons why they're not being promoted. Some women are playing a losing game in business because theý're playing basketball on a cricket field. They simply don't know the correct methods for climbing the corporate ladder.

Participants who attended my live seminars were very enthusiastic. A frequent comment was, I just wish this seminar had been available to me fifteen years ago I wouldn't have wasted so many years in a low-level position, and could have used my capabilities better.

In 1982, Roberta Cava opened her first international training and development office in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, her second in Maui, Hawaii, USA in 1986, and her third in Queensland, Australia in 1998 when she emigrated to Australia.

To learn more about climbing the corporate ladder, be sure to look at Roberta's book How Women Can Advance in Business!  Why not try reading a sample chapter?

Steps to take when making a purchase:

  1. Make sure you give yourself adequate time to view the presentation.  Even though most sessions are from 25 to 35 minutes, you may wish to pause or go back to earlier slides.  You may also like to take notes along the way, so one session might take you from one to three hours, depending on how long you wish to take.
  2. Choose the session you wish to take.
  3. Follow the prompts for payment.
  4. Download and print out the seminar notes so you can add your own comments as you proceed through the session.
  5. Click on the free bonus chapter from one of Roberta Cava's books about How Women Can Advance in Business

Choose one or all of the following sessions that cost only $25.00 per session.



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